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Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Eve and New Years Day

On New Year's Eve, we ventured out in the cold and saw a morning showing of "Frozen."  We met up with Rachel and the boys, Nana, Sandy, Michael, and Carol to see it.  It was actually pretty busy for a 10:00 am showing. Baby Luke went too!  I wore him in the Ergo carrier and he did really well.  I think he got a little warm in there, so I had to stand up a few times to bounce him... but mostly he slept through the whole thing and never made too much noise.  

The movie was very good, Sam loved it. After the movie, we stopped by Nana and Papa's house to celebrate Christmas since Sam was sick on Christmas day.

Sam was exhausted and fell asleep quickly on the way home.  He hadn't left the house in over 10 days because of his sickness, so this busy morning definitely tired him out!

We stayed at home for New Year's Eve (Brad had caught the plague by then) and played with noisemakers!

We decided to let Sam stay up late, he fell asleep on the couch around 10:30.

Happy New Year from the Justice League!  
(Sam spent quite a few minutes finding all the members of the Justice League and arranging them... I'd like to say I helped with this, but Sam knows the Justice League members more than I do.)

On New Year's Day we went over to Brad's parents house to celebrate Christmas together.  Sam and Luke got ready in their Spartan gear since the Rose Bowl game was on that day.

We stopped by my parents house for dinner and the start of the Rose Bowl.   We headed home and Sam was asleep in the car.  But Luke was awake to see the Spartans win the Rose Bowl.  Woohoo!

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