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Saturday, March 1, 2014

March is Reading Month: Our Favorite Children's Books!

For those not in the education world, you may or may not know that March is dubbed "Reading Month," and teachers, librarians and the like,spend time throughout the month trying to promote and encourage as much reading as possible.  I love "March is Reading Month," but also remember it's important to promote and encourage reading every month. :)

We have lots of books at our house and Sam loves reading them. Sam is only 3, and is definitely not reading yet (or even close), but there are still things we try to do to promote reading in our toddler.  We read every day.  We read out loud and he likes to look through books on his own.  We talk about the cover of the book and sometimes point to the words when we're reading so he can start to understand the order of words on the page.  We ask questions and look at the pictures of the book.  We look for different letters on the pages.  Sometimes, Sam makes up a story to go along with a picture and "reads" a story to us.  Sam has memorized some of his favorites so he can read them to us.  See him reading Go, Dog, Go! here: Sam Reads.

I've put together a list of some of our favorite books for 0-3 year olds:

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

This one is great because it is an alphabet book that shows lower case letters, which can be hard to come by.  Inside the front cover, they are displayed with upper and lower case and Sam likes looking at that page.  Sam likes the gibberish words and the rhyming in this one.

Peek a Who

This has been a favorite for a while (Throwback video can be found here: Sam 11 Months Old). It is a simple book, but we like the rhyming and repetitiveness of it.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This is one that Sam has memorized. He likes the novelty of the different size pages with the holes in them. An overall good book.

Press Here

This is a newer favorite.  It is a unique interactive book. The book asks the reader to press dots, shake the book, pat the book, etc. and then on the next page your action has caused a change in the book (the pressed dots become blue, the shaken dots spread out, etc.). It's a fun one to read. Tap the Magic Tree is similar and also very good.

Good Night, Gorilla
Another classic favorite.  This was probably the first book Sam asked for over and over again and could "read" because the only words are saying "good night" to the various animals. A cute book, and good for learning animals.

My Friend is Sad
We love all of Mo Willems books.  They are very silly, but usually have a nice message too.  The Elephant and Piggie books are my favorites.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
We love this book and the others that are similar (If You Give A Pig a Pancake, Moose a Muffin, Cat a Cupcake). These are cute books and good for learning the sequence of things.

Go, Dog, Go!
Another book that Sam has memorized.  This is an old one, but good one. Very good for learning adjectives. Sam loves the repetitiveness and can read it based on the pictures.

The Way I Feel
Sam picks this one to read a lot. It's a nice rhyming book that talks about different feelings. It has helped Sam learn new words about his feelings.

Huggy Kissy
We love all of Leslie Patricelli's board books. They all have the diapered baby as the main character and very few words.  The Potty book was a favorite during potty training. They are all silly and cute. Sam loves them.

Those are just a few of our favorites. I didn't include the super hero books because everyone already knows we love those.  I also didn't include the other character books Sam loves.  Depending on his mood he will want to read his Toy Story, Monsters Inc or Mickey books.

What is your favorite children's book? I'm always looking to add to our collection. :)

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