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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pre-Easter Fun

The week before Easter we were on Spring Break so we spent some time preparing. 

One fun thing we did was an Easter sensory bin: 

First, I dyed some rice (it's super easy....Add a few drops of food coloring to the rice, plus a small bit of vinegar or rubbing alcohol to spread the color evenly.  Let it dry on paper towel.)  Then, I added it to a bin, with some beans and plastic eggs.  Sam played with it throughout the week.  Over the week, he easily spent hours playing with this.  

One downfall.. there will be rice everywhere.

Sam took a bath with Easter eggs!  He had so much fun with this.  :)

 Good Friday fell on my dad's and Corey's birthday this year.  So we celebrated with an early dinner birthday party before the evening church service.
I picked up a cake for him from Mom and Pop's Bakery in Howell.  I thought they did a great job, it was very yummy.  Very rich, but yummy.

We walked down to the neighborhood playground....

Uncle Eric joined in the fun.

We ordered wings for dinner, and Sam discovered his new favorite food. 
He seriously wouldn't stop eating them...

On Saturday, we dyed Easter eggs. 

So fun!

I love watching Sam enjoy holiday traditions.  I can't wait for Luke to be able to join in!

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