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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Easter 2014

Better late than never.... finally taking some time to update the blog.  Here are some adorable Easter photos.

Sam's Easter Bonnet (Looks like he did the same thing two years ago... :) )

On Easter morning, we woke up and found out the Easter Bunny had visited the house.  Sam found eggs inside the house and the boys each got a fun Easter basket.  Sam was most impressed with the super hero socks the Easter Bunny had put inside some eggs. Hilarious. 

We had breakfast and got dressed and ready for church.  After the service, the boys had some treats.

A photo attempt at all the little boys on my side of the family.  Left to Right: Sam (3) Andrew (2) Cousin Michael holding Luke (5 months) Logan (5) Connor (7) and Liam (4)

There was an Easter Egg hunt outside after church...

After church we went to my parents house for lunch and more Easter fun.

Luke took a nap...

Sam had an Easter sword fight with cousin Luke

Luke couldn't run away from us, so we took lots of pictures

Hunting for Eggs

and cupcakes!


Brothers!  Luke is more interested in his toes than the camera...

Happy Easter everyone!

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