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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Luke at 5 months...

At 5 months, Luke...

... weighs about 16 lbs
... wears 6 month clothes (some 9 month onesies)
... wears size 2 diapers
... has slept two nights in his crib.  By two nights, I mean until 3 am on both of those nights.  We're working on the transition this week.
... likes wearing bear, monkey, and frog outfits.  All others he will immediately have a diaper blow-out in order to change.
... prefers rolling to get to toys that interest him
... loves his exersaucer
... puts everything in his mouth
... gets a rash around his mouth from drooling and putting everything in his mouth
... has curly hair! It's getting longer, and definitely has a curl to it. We'll see what happens..
... likes going on walks in the stroller or carrier (I use the ergo the most)
... likes staying up and watching shows with me. We re-watched all of the How I Met Your Mother series, and Luke disliked the ending as much as I did.
... still loves his brother the most
... loves to play peek a boo
... is the cutest little brother around :)

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  1. Love being able to spend time with Luke and enjoy watching him develop through the various milestones!