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Monday, July 21, 2014

Lately: Summer Happenings

We've been having a fun summer, but I haven't been keeping up with the blog.  Sorry!  Here are a few of our latest activities... more to come soon. :)

We went blueberry picking at Hazen's Farm in Howell.  We met up with some of Sam's friends from daycare and they had a blast.

We went a little early in the season, but there were still plenty of blueberries to pick.  Sam loved carrying around the bucket and finding the good blueberries.  He also discovered that he could eat them right off the plant, how fun. :)

Last week, the Howell library hosted an event with some different vehicles for kids to try out.  Sam sat in two police cars, a fire truck, and a construction digger.  There were some more vehicles, but it was kind of crowded and Sam wasn't up for waiting in line.

Sam's favorite was the fire truck, he tried out every seat.

Finally, a couple weeks ago we visited the Howell Nature Center.  We walked around and saw the different animals and then played on the Naturescape playground. 

The playground is really cool, with a small pond and waterfall area to play in and tons of nature themed play areas.

Sam loved the whole place, but especially the playground.

Luke was there too. :) 

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