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Monday, July 21, 2014

Color Run 2014

On July 12, we ran the Color Run 5k.  This year I decided to take Sam with me.  We had been practicing running a bit, but at the last minute I decided to take the jogging stroller because I wasn't sure if Sam would make the 3 miles.  I'm glad I did...he would not have made it. :)

I'm starting with the happy pictures that we took after the race, because it took Sam a while to be happy during the race.  

When we got there, there were tons.of.people. Sam is not a crowds guy, so the number of people partnered with the loud music, made Sam immediately ask to go home. Ummm. no. :)

Well, they started runners out in waves, so once we finally got started, Sam was fine.  He liked watching all the people..until it came time to run through the first color.  One of the volunteers spraying colors got an up close spray at Sam in the stroller. Sam freaked out.

He quickly got over it when he saw everyone was covered with color, and it was actually kind of funny.  Well, he was able to enjoy the rest of the run, but he moved the visor on the stroller down as we ran through the colors and he didn't get sprayed anymore.

All in all, he still says he had the "best time ever" and keeps asking when we are having another color run. It was fun, and I can always count on Sam to add a little drama to any event. 

After the race, in our "clean" clothes

In the car on the way home: goof ball

After we finished the race and met up with Brad and Luke, Luke got to take over the stroller - he turned blue too!

All done with the race!

Ellen running out of the purple!

Sam watching from afar

A cousin selfie, trying to get the capitol in the background

A picture right after Sam got colored.  He was not happy. 

Before the race started...Sam thought the music was too loud

Before the race, Sam getting ready!

I also ran the Color Run in 2013 and 2012

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