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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The One Where Sam Plays T-Ball

Sam just finished up his first season of t-ball.  I'd like to think his team was undefeated (they don't keep score, but that's okay).

Sam had a great time playing on the Red Sox team and says his favorite thing is to hit home runs, have the snacks, and play first base.  He did awesome, and only had a couple 'moody' three-year-old moments throughout his season.

Lessons learned from playing T-ball this season:

A jersey, hat, and glove are all you need

The photographer is not your coach

It's more fun to play on an cloudy, cool day

After game snacks might be the best part of t-ball

Even the smallest of kids can play t-ball

Keep your eye on the ball

First base is the most important position in t-ball

Always be prepared


Be a good team-mate

Run to first, second, third base, and then home

Drink your water

Smile, it's just a game :)


  1. This is just too cute for words!! My family are really in to baseball, but here in the UK it's not very popular! Too bad because it's crazy adorable!! Go Sam!

  2. Great job, Sam! Congratulations on an awesome first season! Love you!