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Monday, June 15, 2015

A Long Overdue Update: Sam at 4 1/2, Luke at 1 1/2

Wow, I hope I will be able to update this blog more often now that summer is here.  But before I forget, I'm going to jump right ahead to what the boys are doing now. :)

At 4 1/2, Sam loves super heroes, sports with balls (baseball, basketball, soccer), playing wii, riding his scooter, listening and singing to music, gymnastics, and playing with his brother.  

His favorite super heroes are Batman and Superman, but he really loves all of them.  He still loves dressing up in costumes and running around.  Most of his favorite clothes include a super hero.

Sam loves playing video games.  His favorite games are the Lego Super Hero games.  He also likes playing Mario Kart.

Sam's favorite songs include Uptown Funk, Dear Future Husband, Power Rangers theme songs, Barenaked Ladies Kids Songs, and any song with a catchy beat.  Sam likes to listen to songs over and over again until he learns the words and can sing along.

He is a bundle of energy and loves to run around and do flips and spins.  He loves gymnastics class, where he can gallop, skip, balance, do somersaults and other cool moves.

At 1 1/2, Luke loves super heroes, Curious George, books, balls, cars, his brother, shoes, and animals.

He has started saying more words... he can say Mama, his own version of Dada, Sammy, snake, Gruffalo, George, ball, Batman, Spiderman, Robin, Joker, Uh-Oh, Nana, Papa, hat, bear, and a few others.  He can also make lots of animal sounds. He can communicate a lot without his words too.  We didn't teach him signs, except "more", so he does that sign.  He points a lot, and shakes his head yes or no.  

He loves reading books.  His favorite is Room on a Broom, Curious George, Paddington, and others.  He will sit and look through them on his own and loves to read with us too. :)

His favorite show is Curious George, but he also likes most shows that Sam likes (Special Agent Oso, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Paw Patrol, Batman...).

Luke loves to play!  He likes to throw balls, drive cars, run around outside, draw with crayons (and markers!), play with playdough, and play toys.  His favorite toys are his Toy Story guys, the imaginext Super Heroes, and cars.

Luke is a good eater.  He loves hot dogs, sausage, toast, pancakes, frozen peas, most fruit, and anything that someone else is eating.

Love these boys so much!

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