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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sam Preschool 2014-2015

Sam started preschool this year. He was in the 3 and 4 year old class and went Tuesdays and Thursdays. He went to the Beehive Preschool, which is actually at my school!

Sam loved it and was able to spend the morning at preschool and the afternoon at "wrap around." This made drop off and pick up easy. Since he was at my school, I could peek in on him sometimes too, and see him at lunch.  It was great to be able to talk to his teachers, meet his friends, and see him interact with them.

Sam loved his teachers: Miss Mankey, Miss Nichols, Mrs. Cashen, and Mrs. Brown.

His favorite part about preschool was story time. On Tuesdays they would visit with Mrs. Cloud down in the cafeteria, who read them special stories that went along with a theme. Sam looked forward to story time each week.

Sam got to "share" at preschool too. For his favorite toys, he brought Batman and Superman. For something green, he brought his Hulk mask. He helped make and share his book about himself (a few pictures below). We forgot about stuffed animal day...oops... Sam shared a stuffed animal from my classroom.

Overall, Sam had a fun time at preschool. He made lots of friends. The first part of the year, he was quiet and liked watching the activities, but didn't always join in. By the end of the year he was participating all the time!

He practiced and learned a lot too! He already knew his letters, but now he knows almost all the sounds too.  He can count to 40 with no help, and can count to 100 and further if someone helps him with the '10s'.  He can sound out some words and has started trying to spell them.  He asks TONS of questions and loves learning new things!

Enjoy the pictures from Sam's year in Preschool!

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