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Friday, September 28, 2012

Disney Vacation: Day 2 (Animal Kingdom)

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On our first full day at Disney we went to Animal Kingdom.  Normally the park opens at 9:00. It was open an extra hour early for those staying on Disney property.  We decided to get there right at 8:00.

Sam is waiting for the bus, ready to go!
We're here!
We first went to the Safari Expedition.  There was no line when we got there.  This ride was great.  There is no height requirement and Sam loved it.  The pictures will show why it is so popular.

 You go on the safari ride in a jeep type car with about 15 other people.  Brad, Sam and I got on own row which was nice so Sam could see out both sides of the car.  There were tons of different animals and many that came very close to the car.  The giraffes were my favorite.  They were chasing each other around and then eventually stopped, but stood in the middle of our road.  The driver had to wait for the giraffe to keep walking.


The safari ride gets very long lines in the afternoon, so I would recommend going first thing. 

There were many walking trails in Animal Kingdom... just like a zoo. 

Sam's keeping an eye on the birds flying above us...

Whoa! Fish!

After some of the walking trails we headed to Expedition Everest.  This is the largest roller coaster in the park.  For roller coaster rides, Disney has a fastpass option and a ride swap option.  Fastpass lets you take a ticket and come back at an allotted time to skip the lines.  The ride swap option is for parents with small children.  One parent will stand in line and go on the ride, then the second parent will get to ride with out waiting.

We got to Expedition Everest when it had a 10 minute wait.  Eric and Brad went on it first and got ride swap passes for Carrie and Me.  We were all able to ride it in less than 20 minutes total.

Then it was time for our breakfast at Tusker House.  Tusker House breakfast is a character meal and it is included in the dining plan as a table service meal.

Sam getting a glimpse of Donald Duck.

Sam loves Donald Duck!

 My brother's family :)

The characters came into the dining room and made their way around to each table.  This breakfast included seeing Mickey, Goofy, Daisy and Donald.  Breakfast included a buffet with waffles, fruit, pastries, eggs, bacon, sausage, etc.

Sam was a little unsure about Mickey Mouse

Logan gave him a big hug!

Sam liked Daisy Duck...blowing her kisses!

Watching the characters dance!
After breakfast we continued around the park, looking at animals and riding rides...

Sam taking a nap in his stroller

 Eric and Brad riding Kali River Rapids.  For this ride we used fast passes.... you insert your park ticket into a machine near the ride and a ride ticket comes out telling you when you can come back and ride it.  I think our time was for an hour later.  It was a fun ride, but the little ones couldn't ride on it.
We also saw the Festival of the Lion King show.  This was a great show that included all of the Lion King songs with dancing and excitement to watch.  It is good for all ages.  Sam liked every part except the Be Prepared song (it got dark and included fire juggling).  The singer was very good, but had a deep voice which Sam didn't like.
There were many dancers and drummers in the street.  Sam liked to dance!
We also went on TriceraTop Spin (Sam's first real ride!  Similar to the classic Dumbo ride) and DINOSAUR.  That ride was pretty intense and scary (Sam was not tall enough to ride).   We used the ride swap to take turns on that one.
We were also able to use the ride swap and take advantage of short lines to ride Expedition Everest two more times.  Brad and I were in the front car for one ride, which scared me!

We had dinner at Boma in the Animal Kingdom lodge.  This was an African inspired buffet.  It included all sorts of different kinds of foods, and was very good.

Animal Kingdom lodge has an observation deck to watch the animals that graze on hotel property.  The boys liked running around and playing there.

Waiting for the bus!  We went back to Downtown Disney that night for a little more shopping and Sam fell asleep on the bus ride home (again). :)

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