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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Luke at 7 Months

Another month down... another set of pictures to share :)

At 7 months, Luke...

... is around 18-20 lbs
... is wearing mostly 9 month clothes (some smaller, some bigger)
... is wearing size 3 diapers
... goes down in his crib and sleeps through the night there. He usually wakes up pretty early, and then eats and goes back to sleep for a little while longer
... has mastered sitting up
... army crawls everywhere... nothing is safe, baby proofing is in full force
... attempts to pull himself up on the stairs, toy bins, anything he can reach
... is eating more solid foods.  His favorites are squash, apples, and pears
... is a chick magnet with his curly hair and dimples
... is still dealing with a bald spot in the back, but people are usually too distracted by the curls to notice
... is an active baby. He's always after something, chasing the dogs, going after Sam, finding toys, getting the remote, cords, etc.  This has turned Sam into quite the police officer. :)
... loves to laugh. He laughs the hardest for his brother.
... is pretty easy-going, as long as someone is holding him
... is bringing us so much happiness!

Luke at 1 Month,  Luke at 2 Months, Luke at 3 MonthsLuke at 4 MonthsLuke at 5 monthsLuke at 6 Months

Looking at his brother

Big brother at 7 months

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